About Us

Hobbies are Our Business

OHOP stands for One Home One Product. Established in Sriracha, Thailand in 2004, our products are handmade, created with passion and detailed craftsmanship. Each product is unique, one of a kind, with its own character. We emphasize on the quality yarns and hand selected fabrics. We make our own crocheted dolls and outfits for crocheted dolls and BJD of various sizes. BJD stands for ball-jointed doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. We don't sell dolls.

We only accept orders on an ad hoc basis. We can't promise if we can create exactly the same item you've order because we don't use machine. Everything is handmade and with the nature of this, an end product is not an exact copy of another one. 

Please understand that we do not take whole-sale order, we do not sell any patterns and we do not sell BJD dolls.